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RESTAURANT JEAN After many years in the prestigious Maison Taillevent, Delphine and Frédéric Jean Guidoni decided in late 2001 to challenge. Sensing both the need to test their experience to transmit their knowledge and add their own desires, they are engaged in entrepreneurship and their restaurant. The stakes were high because leaving the reputation of Taillevent and unquestionable comfort, required to accept a certain amount of risk. Despite the difficulties, the challenge was really worth to be mentioned. At the exit of the station Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Delphine and Jean Frédéric had a real heart for this lively and lovely 9th district. By discovering the door of this local revolver, spaces, the private room on the first floor, they immediately said that this place promised great things. Their goal: to make this restaurant a warm and comforting place, offering gourmet cuisine based mainly on products. In 2006, John receives a star in Michelin early 2016 removed from his head. A page is turned but a new chapter is opening in April 2016, with the arrival of a young chef, Mickael Poyault. Mickaël is Poyault since April 2016, the Executive Chef Jean restaurant. Aged only 26, Mickaël already has his style and says. Formed demanding chefs in prestigious houses such as Fauchon, Mandarin Oriental and Garance *, Mickaël has reached a certain level of technique he offers to his creativity. Featuring an excellent intuitive sense and unmatched determination, the young leader dares associations of flavors and textures play boldly, sometimes pushing to provocation but still in the reflection and balance. Driven by his passion, Mickaël the mania of contemporary and playful cuisine. "If we want to try, we will launch and we are pleased" Accountable to his peers, he sends in his way what he learned to his team. Sensitive to the quality and the seasons, Mickaël allows himself to cook the products only to sublimate. The vegetable garden in Normandy Delphine and Jean-Frédéric is a true inspiration and a gold mine for him who always gives pride to vegetables. The birth of a new flat or a new card can take place spontaneously in the discovery of this plant treasure. Its perpetual quest for renewal that Mickaël changes his menu every two weeks. This allows him to explore, deepen, test, improve and extend indefinitely the field of possibilities.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12h - 14h30 / 19h30 - 22h30
  • Tuesday 12h - 14h30 / 19h30 - 22h30
  • Wednesday 12h - 14h30 / 19h30 - 22h30
  • Thursday 12h - 14h30 / 19h30 - 22h30
  • Friday 12h - 14h30 / 19h30 - 22h30
  • Saturday Fermé
  • Sunday Fermé

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Patrick f. rated 5/5
Exceptionnel panel de produits frais cuisinés a merveille!

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8, rue Saint Lazare
75009 Paris 9ème